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I was born into music. Having a father playing drums in the basement to Cream, Johnny Winter, and Aerosmith albums since birth was a huge influence. I still love and listen to those albums today. I picked up the guitar in 1990 when hair bands were in...a cheap overseas Kramer. I felt like my heroes when I held it. It was a nod to my idols... Motley Crue, Poison, Metallica, Van Halen.... you get the idea.

As life progressed I fell out of music for several years as I built my career as an auto shop owner. It wasn’t long before I had the itch to bring music back to my life. I have since been actively playing guitar in local cover bands as well as the original nationally recognized act Farcry (check out Jon the Player tab). I have recorded on 5 songs on the upcoming release of their third album.

Throughout the years I have maintained all of my own equipment. Having spent much of my adult life using technical skills, working on guitars was a natural transition for me.  Others often asked me, "Dude, your gear sounds great, who works on your stuff?" The answer has always been, "Me." This led me to the conclusion this is something I really enjoy and I realized it was time to take it to the next level. I have been certified in guitar setup and maintenance under Bill Mitchell at Northampton Community College and have also studied the craft under Al Anzalone with Anzalone guitars.

I am looking forward to sharing my passion for all things guitar and gear related with my customers.
I love chasing tone and can offer consultation on guitar setup, amp selection, and pedal boards customized and a optimized for the user. I also hope you will check out my playing, it would be great to see you out on the scene. We'll talk gear over a beer. 

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