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Electronics Repair

Your guitar's wiring system is a complex network of electrical components that has to be routinely maintained to perform at it's best. Compromised wiring can impact both tone and output. A variety of exciting aftermarket upgrades are also available to enhance or change your guitar's sound. Let's discuss your needs and decide what electronics modifications may get you the tone you want.

  • Output jack replacement- $25

  • Minor wiring repair/reinforce- $25

  • Pot/Switching Pot Installation- $35/$45

  • Pickups installation-

    1 pickup- $55 & up

    2 pickups- $85 & up

    3 pickups- $100 & up

  • Pickup Selector Switch- $45

  • Rewiring instrument (per component)-$150 & up

  • Complex diagnostics and electrical system mods- $75 per hour

*All parts additional charge. We will be happy to provide you with personalized recommendations and links to your wish list so you may conveniently order your parts. A setup may be strongly recommended after some jobs, at an additional charge.

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