(Restring, stretch strings, oil fingerboard, polish fret board, tune, playability test)

*Includes DR Strings. Others available at additional charge or bring your own.





Restring pricing:

Acoustic: $35

Electric: $35

Locking tremolo or 12 string: $45






In order to maintain optimal health, consider having your guitar set up at least twice a year for hobbyist use, more often for frequent playing. This will help to ensure that your instrument sounds its very best throughout its lifespan. Your setup will begin with a personal conversation that will help me understand your needs, playing style, and what you want from your instrument. Next, I will do the following, at a minimum, to service your guitar:

  • Fretboard cleaned/conditioned, frets polished frets

  • Clean and polish body

  • Check and tighten hardware as needed

  • Dress and lubricate nut and saddle

  • Action adjustment

  • Check functioning of electronic components

  • Set intonation

  • Restring

  • Playability test



*All work includes D'Addario strings. Other options available for an additional charge, or bring your own.




+ $10 for 12 string, nylon or vintage

  vary slightly on a case by case basis, but generally a setup consists of: removal of the old strings, cleaning the guitar, conditioning the wood of the fingerboard and the bridge (acoustic instruments), a basic polishing the frets, tightening of any loose hardware, dressing and/or lubricating the nut and saddles, restringing the instrument, adjusting the truss rod and saddle height (action adjustment), adjusting the pickup height, setting the intonation, and lastly bench checking the instrument through playing.

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