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Modifications to your guitar are the options you may choose to add to make your guitar truly YOURS. Guitars are made of interchangeable parts, which may alter or enhance the look, feel, and sound of your guitar. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Let's talk about what modifications might be right for you.

Tones and Bones is a proud dealer of Fu-Tone Products. 

FU-Tone Banner Sq.jpg
  • Strap button installation- $15

  • Strap lock installation- $15

  • Pickguard installation- $20 & up

  • Knob, pickup cover, switch cap Installation- $15 & up

  • Tuning machine installation- $15 & up

  • Tremolo stop installation- $20

  • Tremsetter installation- $30

  • Bridge replacement (direct fit)- $25

  • Install tremolo bridge- $105&up

  • Install sustain block- $105& up

*All parts additional charge. We will be happy to provide you with personalized recommendations and links to your wish list so you may conveniently order your parts. A setup may be strongly recommended after some jobs, at an additional charge.

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