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Is your pedalboard something to be proud of? Is it a true reflection of the player you are? Or is it a long neglected mess of birds-nest wires, cat hair and bar slime? Maybe you have been seeking a tone from pedals you have just not been able to find...or are tired of wonky connections or inadequate power supply?

Whether you need a brand new, custom designed board, pedalboard "makeover", or a check up to make sure functioning is 100%, Tones & Bones can deliver the pedal board you always's time to make it yours.

  • Pedalboard design and build- $100 and up

(includes consultation, connect power supply, secure and wire         pedals, secure all connections and cabling)

  • Pedalboard  makeover- $75 and up

(Disassemble, cleanup, layout, and rewire with existing components)

  • Pedalboard adjustment (add and wire new pedal)- $25

  • Pedalboard checkup- $75

(meter check for continuity in wiring, playability check each pedal.)


*All parts added charge. We will gladly provide you a list of links to purchase all you need for your dream board.

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